AKU-Examination Board

Aga Khan School Amynabad gives the best for better and improved education it always strives for Affiliation with AKU-EB is one of its efforts for quality education.


Aga Khan University Examination Board is a federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education established by Aga Khan University in response to demand form schools for more appropriate school examinations. AKU-EB was founded in August 2003 and Aga Khan School Amynabad affiliated with this board in the year 2005 but classes conducted in 2007.

Aga khan school is running 8th section for AKU-EB. The running session has got number of facilities such as availability of good books on every subject, Internet facility for teachers and students and much more by School management. Students are provided individual attention on the development or their learning skills as AKU-EB is skilled based learning program.

This system of examination encouraged the development of reasoning and critical skills rather than rote learning. It is different and difference makes progress. Students of school are getting this difference. Number of reference books and internet source for one SLO (Specific Learning Objectives) are making their concepts of study as broad as universal MCQs and CRQs based testing system enables the students to depend upon their own understanding.

Aga Khan School aims quality education and AKU-EB plays an important role in achieving the target.

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