Early Childhood Development (ECD)

H.H. Prince Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Amynabad introduced ECD Program from the new session August 2007 in Day Care Centre which is now called ECD Center. All the furniture & fixture and teaching material for day to day activity works were provided to staff at very short notice.


(ECD) Children learn most effectively through “real” experiences and by using all their senses: sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch. When learning is reinforced with practical experience it lays a firm foundation for later abstract learning.

A child develops capabilities in a predictable sequence. At each developmental stage new capabilities emerge. We should therefore try and provide a good learning environment that gives a child the opportunity to exercise and change her/his potential.


This is the development of relationships between a child and other children and a child and adults. It involves the child’s behavior in a group learning to cooperate, to share, to participate and to be independent. Initially young children are often involved in solitary play.

A unique Facility

A very unique facility provided in each class / section of ECD is audio-visual syllabus which has been installed in the system of every class and student learn in school and at homes through the system and learn very correct phonics and sounds.