A Fifty Years Journey of Accomplishment of Dreams


The scholastic institution plays a key role in the development and prosperity of any country. The dignity of a nation and country enormously depends on the over all academic standard of its educational institution. We are honoured that our Institution H.H.Prince Aga Khan Higher Secondary School is one of the most respected and distinguished institution in the city, serving education cause with character building since last 50 years.

The institution has gone through many ups and downs but the Management working under the auspices of Amynabad Education Cooperative Society, never surrendered and worked hard through thick and thin.


School started its function from a small bungalow in Amynabad Colony in 1967 Mr. Rai Sabz Ali Ladji and Mr. Sadruddin Khanji were serving as chairman and Hon Secretary of Housing Society. The Society showed great interest and very kindly donated a 10, 000 sq.ft plot for construction of proper School building. The new building was completed in 1971.


The spiritual leader of  Ismaili community His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan visited Hyderabad in the same year. He very kindly sent his wife Begum Salima for the inauguration of new building. After a long period of 13 years school was denationalized in 1985 and handed over to the Management, a new journey with great enthusiasm started with completely new staff.

Since April 1985 School has gone through many phases e.g. with the construction of new floors, instead of double shifts, classes started running in single shift from April 1990 with more and more facilities like furnished labs, libraries with standard books and all audio-visual accessories which were available at that time, for the better future of our boys students Management planned a new building adjacent to present building, construction work started in 1994. The whole expenses of construction were donated by Momin Jamat living in USA. With the completion of new building boys section upgraded from VI to X, many more changes were also introduced like Information Technology, Multimedia, Energy Efficient Park, separate Library with internet facilities for AKU.EB’s students, ECD system, Technical lab of Electrical for boys and Home Economics Lab for girls etc.


On the principles framed by His Highness, the school Management and dedicated staff are always busy in promoting and educating young generation without the discrimination of caste, color or creed.

Since 1985, after denationalize, institution had never been pessimist, facing a lot of challenges and competitions, with the help of techniques e.g. workshops and teachers training through AKU-IED etc and latest Technologies like Internet, having Multimedia etc on local level, national level as well internationally.


Entering in school’s 50 year of establishment we are very optimist housing a vast sky in our vision for the promotion and acceleration of  academic services through most modern technologies available, character building and quality Education which was the vision of our beloved Quaid –e-Azam and Aga Khan III and beyond all these the holy guidance of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) who once was eager to get the most of knowledge even through the prisoners of  war from Quraish of Makkah and released them afterward with honour.

Chairman’s Message


I offer my kind regards and the best compliments to all those who happen to visit the website of our school. I believe in providing quality education that helps students to know about their hidden talent and skills. We aim for the excellence through quality management, quality training and quality teaching. I wish a very good luck to all those teachers and students who would enter our organization, and serve the world of knowledge, wisdom, truth, beauty and future glory and have a solemn promise of success.

Madam’s Message


As esteemed organizations our strength lies in the creativity, talent and dynamism of its whole team. My team uses its efforts to all its best. We develop the thrill of learning in our students because it is our belief that learning is limitless. For me education is holistic profession that goes beyond personal interest and ambitions. My team has a self commitment of providing first rate academic opportunity to all the students I wish and pray for my students to recognize their great values and path to professional success.